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Hello everyone. My name is Darryl Burks. I’ve been involved in healthcare for about 3 years now. In my previous incarnation I was an IT worker. Then I decided to take Karate lessons. After about a year of that I was a different person. Not only was I in great physical shape and had lost almost 50 pounds but I had a totally different outlook on life. I wanted to share this with others and also share the more spiritual side of martial arts. I looked into a lot of options and avenues but decided to pursue Health and Wellness coaching. I got my certification as a health and wellness coach in 2012. I especially loved what I learned about nutrition and its effect on our health. I wanted to do more so I got went to school some more and became a Certfied Nursing Aide and Medication Aide. I did that for about eighteen months and worked at a hospital for about 6 months. I realized that acute care was really not for me or where I wanted to be so I strated pursuing preventative care and natural remedies. I have since started the business this website relates to and become certified as a reiki Master, Essential Oils Practitioner and Meditation Coach. I am currently pursuing my bachelors degree in Alternative and Complimentary Health while continuing to work with people avout living a more healthy lifestyle. I look forward to being of service to all those who visit here.

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