Reiki Massage




I am a certified Reiki Master. This form of energy massage is “touchless”. It usually lasts about an hour and can be done distance if you can’t make it to our office. Reiki massage, or reiki therapy, is a healing technique originating in Japan that promotes simultaneous physical and spiritual healing. Reiki healing promotes stress reduction and relaxation and is administered by a reiki healer. The underlying idea of reiki healing is that a life force flows through every person, and this force can be strengthened, restored, and redirected by a careful use of the reiki practitioner’s hands.

Some Benefits of Reiki Massage:

Reiki massage provides pain relief and effective mannagement of chronic pain.
Reiki massage can help reduce high blood pressure.
Reiki massage strengthens and protects the immune system.
Reiki massage boosts the body’s healing properties.
Reiki massage promotes healthier, deeper breathing and improved sleep habits.
Reiki massage promotes effective detoxification and enhances the body’s ability to remove wastes.
Reiki massage reduces side effects from drugs and other medical treatments.
Reiki massage promotes vitality and postpones the aging process.
Reiki massage removes energy blockages and promotes healthy circulation.
Reiki massage promotes emotional stability and clarity along with spiritual growth.

NOTE: Please call to schedule an appointment before paying.