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2016 and a New Toothbrush

The other night as I was about to brush my teeth, my wife walked in and told me my toothbrush was worn out and that...

The Fortress and the Garden

Long ago a man heard tales of a great and magnificent garden. In this garden it was said lay wonders beyond imagination, a place of...

Personal Sovereignty

One of the things in addition to hope that is missing in so many people I encounter today is a sense of personal sovereignty. That...
Kitchen Medicine

Kitchen Cabinet Medicines-1

  Long before CVS and Wahlgreens people got along just fine in dealing with colds and minor ailments. For thousands of years people have know...

Who are you really ?

No its not a dramatic line from a movie but a real question. Did you ever think about who you really are, not culturally or...

Myths About Aging

There is one stereotype we almost never hear or talk about, “Old People”. You know what I man, the little old lady who counts change...