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The other night as I was about to brush my teeth, my wife walked in and told me my toothbrush was worn out and that I should get a new one. I hadn’t really though about it before or noticed it was getting worn, I just kept using it. This set off a thought process that has led me to write this. I started thinking about what else had gotten tattered and worn and needed to be replaced or changed or just spruced up. I started getting the feeling that the upcoming new year was an opportunity to get a new perspective on things. I started by cleaning up the ever present mess of my clothes in the bedroom. I also made a new pile of things to go to Goodwill. As I cleaned up my physical space my mind was less cluttered and I felt good about accomplishing something. Not so coincidentally I read an article that helped me focus in on what I want my future to look like. This helped me be more enthusiastic about putting in the new wood floor my wife wanted, out with the old carpet and in with a new clean floor and new arrangement for our living room. This brings me to all the talk about 2016.

All of us know about the spate of celebrities who have finished their life’s journey this year. I my self have lost a stepdaughter and good friend who died relatively young. But remember that it was THEIR journeys that ended, not ours. They finished what they came here to do and moved on. When we plant a garden in spring we have to clear out all the old plants and make room for the new. And this year has been a good time for that. You see, while everyone talks about the high profile people who passed, how much do we think about the millions and millions of new people who were born ? What wonderful new actors, actresses and writers are among them ? What wonderful new stories are waiting to be written or incredible new music waiting to be written ? I lost people this year, but I also gained ! I finished my bachelors degree and I started my schooling to obtain my massage therapy license. I also made some great new friends who have become a sort of new family. So yes, I appreciate the old things that were meaningful in my life, but I also accept that things change. I don’t see myself as a victim of the universe, subject to some personal attack by an arbitrary deity. I am part of a great and marvellous ever unfolding story. So while we say goodbye to those we have lost, let’s not get stuck in a never ending nostalgia about how great the past was. You can’t see where you are going by staring in the rear view mirror. 2017 is going to be an adventure.