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I was watching the original Star Trek pilot, “The Menagerie” with my wife tonight. The girl Lena said something to Captain Pike that made me start thinking. She told him, “You can have anything you want, anything in the whole universe”. As I went upstairs to go to bed with my wife I thought about that. What would I want ? I realized as I was going to sleep that I pretty much had everything. A loving and loyal spouse who supports me in my crazy ideas, which I have often. We have a nice home in the woods where I love to be. Our kids are healthy and not in trouble. Sure I would “like” more money but we eat well and regularly and really are not in need of any more stuff. This idea of wanting more has been around for thousands of years. We seem to have this idea that if only we can become wealthy, we will suddenly have everything we really want. A hot girlfriend who never ages or changes and a perfect relationship. A big house that magically never needs repairs or cleaning. A new car every year that never breaks down. The weather will always be perfect and things will just go our way. Of course, that is not reality. True happiness doesn’t involve more stuff and money doesn’t make life perfect. I’m not saying hard work or wanting to better yourself is bad, the satisfaction of a job well done is part of being happy after all and we should all work to provide for ourselves rather than fall into the socialist lie that we are owed something. But we seem to be subtly or directly led to believe that more is always better and that somehow whatever we have is just not quite good enough. A different partner would make us happier, a newer car, a bigger house etc.. But the reality is that true happiness lies in our satisfaction with living life well and contributing to the betterment of humanity. I think that if we want to be truly happy we have to start by asking the question, “Do I really need more ?” This isn’t to say that we should not desire to better our lot in life or grow our businesses or other endeavours, but the key is in the focus and purpose. If it is done with intent that I want to contribute and help as many people as I can, then the prosperity will flow later. Focusing on accumulating as much wealth as possible as the objective will lead to selfishness and poor ethical choices. I want to recommend today that you start every day with a prayer to whatever deities, if any, you may believe in, a prayer of thanks or if not then just an attitude of gratitude. Look at all that you have now and appreciate that first. Next, look to how you might contribute to bettering someone else’s lot in life, even if it is only with a few kind words. Work on gratitude and contribution and I think you will discover one day that you can have “Anything you want in the whole universe”.