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No its not a dramatic line from a movie but a real question. Did you ever think about who you really are, not culturally or ethnically but in actuality. At the core of existence who is the real you.

1. Are you your body?

When someone describes another person they often will give physical characteristics, tall or short; fat or skinny etc. But is that really you ? Well no. Science has shown that every year 98% of your body’s cells die and are replaced. Even your brain cells die and get replaced. When you poop or pee, out go the dead cells. My earliest memory is of moving to a new house at 6 years old and getting my foot stuck in a cinderblock. So if none of those cells of that 6 year old boy are alive any more then I am not that and that person doesn’t really exist now does he. So how is it I still have that memory and thousands of others from childhood and years of living? So no you are not your body.

2. Are you your thoughts ?

What is a thought anyway? Technically a thought is a set of electrochemical impulses traveling across neurons in your brain. If those neurons come and go then certainly the thoughts do also. Have you ever read something you wrote as a child or seen a video of something you said ? I bet as an adult you don’t have the same viewpoint do you. And how many different thoughts do you have in a day anyway, If thoughts are you then the essential YOU is in a constant state of flux, certainly not a defined steady construct.

3. The REAL you.

So where do thoughts come from anyway. Some people believe that they are the result only of external stimuli, our response to the physical world outside our body. And sure some are, if you get burned by a fire or punched in the face you react. But then where do great works of art and music come from, or poetry. If we are only animalistic brutes struggling to survive and reacting to nature then what practical reason is there for artistic expression. The one aspect we haven’t mentioned is the spiritual. What if just like all other material things we are expressions of the universal mind, consciousness, what some call God ? Physics has shown that at its most basic level what we call physical matter is just dense organized energy and that nothing in the universe is ever “destroyed” but only converted from energy to matter or the other way round. Isn’t it just possible then that the real us is something very ephemeral but eternal. What if the real us is the ghost in the machine, operating these human bodies like a puppeteer or an aircraft pilot. If that is the case then we spend most of our lives focused on the wrong priorities, wealth, possesions, physical preservation. We should instead be focused on understanding our true selves and the true nature of the universe, working to bring our spirits into harmony with the universal great spirit. I believe many people fear death because they have no proper understanding of life. Our true selves exist in our physical bodies like an embryo in a womb. Learning, growing (hopefully) and preparing for the moment when we have reached that point when we can survive outside the womb, without the need for a body. If that’s the case and all people are working through this process (albeit most of them unaware of it) then how differently should we conduct our lives. Shouldn’t we operate in cooperation and helping ways instead of competing all the time to see who gets the most toys. Imagine ow different the world would be if the true measure of status was a persons level of spiritual awareness.