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There is one stereotype we almost never hear or talk about, “Old People”. You know what I man, the little old lady who counts change at the checkout or the grandpa who never drives over 30 and always has the turn signal on. It sounds funny, but it is so self destructive. You see, your body does exactly what your mind tells it to. So if you believe that is what aging looks like, then guess what you become ? So where do you get these ideas ? TV, Movies, not exactly scientific evidence is it. The truth is that over 85% of people will never be debilitated or have to live in a nursing home or assisted living facility. It is NOT normal to become frail and senile as you age. These conditions are most often a result of poor lifestyle choices and negative attitudes, things you have total control over. And yes sometimes people do have some pathology that results in loss of function, but that is the exception, not the norm. One of my most frustrating experiences was as a Karate instructor having people in there 30′s tell me they were too old and couldn’t do it, I didn’t start Karate till I was 50 and earned a junior black belt in one year. Of course it was also very rewarding to see the people over 65 who completed their training. Here is the evidence, some articles showing that decline is not a normal part of aging:

Mild Memory loss is not normal

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And here are some videos of very old people doing amazing things:

 91 Year Old Yoga Instuctor

 90 Year Old doing Tai Chi

The most important thing in my opinion is to stay motivated. You CAN do so much more than you are led to believe, but you have to put forth the effort. Keep checking back here as I will be adding information frequently that I hope will help you stay mentally and physically fit well into your 100′s.