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We all hopefully know that consuming too much refined cane sugar is bad for you. So what do you use instead ?

Well I have tried honey, but the flavor doesn’t always compliment what your are sweetening. You could also try Agar but I personally found it not to be sweet enough. So I decided to try Stevia. To find some I of course went to Wal Mart where everything on the planet is for sale. So I located Sevia in the Raw, tastes great in tea, oatmeal and coffee or tea. All was well until I looked at what was in it, expecting of course to see Stevia. What I found was instead Maltodextrin as the first ingredient and Stevia as the second. So after some research I found that maltodextrin is yet another form of… GMO corn, ewww. So what to use ? Well I did some research and found out the maltodextrin is a carbohydrate mainly used to make the stevia “fluffy” and pour easier. Not wanting to consume any GMO knowingly I had to find a Stevia I could live with. So I found KAL Stevia Extract Powder. It is a little pricey but it only takes a tiny pinch to sweeten up anything so a single bottle will last a long long time. So beware, the products, Truvia, Nuvia and similar also have extra ingredients, read the ingredient label before being fooled by the pretty package.